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By Konrad Craig

HANDSZONE became a business operation in 1998. It started as a research project to gauge the benefits of Music on individuals. The research had been stemming from studies in this field since 1987.

As formal research on individuals with a psychiatric condition incarcerated in a forensic psychiatric unit, it became a pilot project which proved to be extremely successful as a model of practice. It became known as "Music in Counselling" . From there it went to "Music in Palliative Care " between 1990 and 1999.

Various forms of this project have been adopted in the Acute Medical Centres around Adelaide , South Australia. They have proved entirely successful and part of the research study findings.

In 1998 it became known as HANDSZONE becoming a private practice operation. In 1999 the project, as part of the Masters in Social Science degree , became known as "DANCING WITH FLOWERS" which forms part of the private practice and operational through florists around Adelaide. This also involves the decoration of picture frames, books, Christmas Cards, Business Cards and various other household items.

. As part of the study it has proved to be the only one of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The product market has also given HANDSZONE , by Konrad Craig , the opportunity to display the goods created by him and who is seeeing his dreams become a reality through hard work and the passion for music.

HANDSZONE is a three-tiered business enterprise.

1) STUDY research through the Masters in Social Science degree completed in 1999. For PhD Study to commence at Glenside Hospital during July/August 2001. This project has recieved Ethics Approval from The Royal Adelaide Hospital Ethics Committee

Project - "Dancing with Flowers" Investigates the benefits of Music in Palliative Care.

2) "Dancing with Flowers" products and displays.Craft Goods, Poetic Flowers - writings by Konrad Craig

3) Private Practice - Music for Therapy. Using Music as a Complimentary therapy adjunctive with therapeutic touch, Reiki and Ki-Force.


If Companies/Businesses wish to make further enquiries or invest as sponsors and/or to discuss our Marketing Plan, please contact us. We will be only too happy to discuss these matters. Needless to say, we've been receiving many enquiries but have been awaiting ethics approval prior entering any arrangements .

You may wish to sponsor Konrad for his PhD study. We will be very pleased to assist you with your enquiry in this regard. You may wish to donate to Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Foundation or Southern Hospice International Research Foundation. We can act as contacts and assist in your arrangements.

If you wish to be kept informed ,via our e-mail listings , on updates, information and Marketing Plan please let us know by e-mail or by letter. Our Research proposal is still undergoing fine tuning due to constant changes as a result of business demands and sponsorships.

Our overseas advertising is also reaching business links in U.S.A , Canada and in India. We really very excited with the correspondances thus far . We thank those who have actively participated. Watch for the our business and marketing projects over the next few months .

We aim to develop the Quality Star Company Guarantee certificates and Serial Number markings on all our products which add to the value of the products. This will give you an individually crafted product that will gain in Value as time goes on.

This signature will be demonstrated as a quality Australian , handmade products. Thank you for your time browsing our webpage. We hope you'll visit again. And we look forward to hearing from you soon .


This page is under construction . We are constantly adding new information and new photographs of our products.
Please visit the Photo section of this page to view a sample of our work.

Send e-mail to :knrcrg@hotmail.com